Adriel Diaz songs – video

Adriel Diaz - "On My Mind"

Yo whatsup! I really hope you guys like this video that was shot and edited by the creative genius Dustin Stanek. "On My Mind" is ...

Adriel Diaz - Call Off (Official Music Video)

Thanks for watching ! Call Off on iTunes Call Off on Spotify ...

Adriel Diaz- On My Mind

November 14, 2015 at Old Sacramento.

Adriel Diaz-On My Mind

Rock Bar Summer Sunday 997now.

Adriel Diaz

Adriel Diaz in San Francisco One Direction Meet Up 997now.

Adriel Diaz

San Francisco Meet Up.

Adriel Diaz feat. Jackie Hollywood - When You're Drunk (Official Lyric Video)

Link to song: Written by: Adriel Diaz & Jackie Hollywood Mixed by: Adriel Diaz Produced by: ...

Adriel Diaz- Woah

San Francisco 997Now One Direction Meet Up.

Adriel Diaz

One Direction Meet Up.

Adriel Diaz feat. Trev D - "Like me"

(Artist name change! ((Adriel DIaz)) ) Ayyyeee its Shift Team General and Adriel Diaz. Lets get it! ...

Adriel Diaz - "Over With"

Ever get that feeling like you just want crap to be over with?! Me too... lol so I wrote a song about it! Hope ya like it ;D Starring: ...

Blackbear "4U" (Remix) "Don't Need You" By Adriel Diaz

FULL SONG HERE Here is a video of a song ...

Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown - Show me - Adriel Diaz (Cover) All social media is Adriel Diaz except twitter Music Mixed by: ...

Flying- Adriel Diaz

summer splash 2015.

I Tried (Live) by TJ featuring Adriel Diaz

Upstar Records artists TJ and Adriel created "I Tried," a song about the complicated ways we try to connect with each other. This is ...

Adriel Diaz - "This Christmas"

Yo! It's been a while since I have put out a music video! i literally came up with this idea Saturday night and then hit up my boy ...

Adriel Diaz feat. Jaedoit - "Woah"

Whatsup guys! Finally posting this video, sorry about all the delays but Ily guys so much and thank you for supporting me! It means ...

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