Anacani songs – video

Anacani sings "Eres Tu"

Lovely Anacani from the Lawrence Welk Show sings "Touch the Wind" a song made popular in the 1970's by a talented group ...

Anacani sings El Cumbanchero

A happy song by lovely Anacani and the Lawrence Welk Musical family.

Anacani - "Si, Te quiero mucho"

Lawrence Welk Show, 1975, America's Wonderland Theme.

Adios Mariquita Linda

Here's singer Anacani from a 1977 broadcast of the Lawrence Welk show with the song "Adios, Mariquita Linda" accompanied by ...

Anacani - "The Moon Was Yellow" - Spanish song

Lawrence Welk Show 1975 - This Colorful World Theme.

Anacani - album song - "Tell me When"

Lawrence Welk Show, 1981, Theme is, "World Entertainers"

Anacani - "Rancho Alegre"

Lawrence Welk Show 1973 - Down on the Farm Theme -Rancho Alegre Anacani, with Neil Levang on guitar and Johnny Klein on ...

Anacani - "Una Paloma Blanca"

Lawrence Welk Show 1980 - Easy Listening Theme.

Anacani - "Quiereme Mucho (Yours)"

Lawrence Welk Show 1973 - Big Band Days Theme. -

Anacani - "The Sweet and Gentle Cha Cha"

Lawrence Welk Show 1980 - guest star Barbara Mandrell.

Anacani - sings "Without You" in Spanish from the Disney Movie "Make My Music"

1973 the Lawrence Welk Show celebrate the Disney Studio's 50th anniversary.

Anacani - "Secret Love"

Lawrence Welk Show 1980 - "Love Songs" -

Anacani - "Vaya Con Dios"

Lawrence Welk Show 1974 - Salute to Famous Musical Families.

The Lawrence Welk Show - Love Songs - 02-09-1980

These shows were originally uploaded by navydoc364. His account is no longer active so I'm just sharing them again here.

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