Eri Kamei songs – video

Eri Dancing "Dirty" of Cristina Aguilera

Kame-chan dancing to the sound of the song Cristina Aguilera's "Dirty" ^^ .... simply beautiful ^0^

Eri Kamei (Morning Musume) Shock English Interview

Eri Kamei of Japanese music group Morning Musume (selected as part of the Love Audition 6th Generation 2002 at age 13 and ...

[266] Morning Musume 6th Gen - Ookii Hitomi Sub

Download (DL) link and the description below... "Ookii Hitomi" is a song by Morning Musume, sung by Kamei Eri, Michishige ...

Shabondama Yossi + Eri

Shabondama live performed by Yossi and Eri. I was surprised Eri could sing after all that, she must have had one hell of a ...

kamei eri - opv] smily

kamei eri opv [smily]

Kamei Eri -clip

Translated by Waylorn and Hana at

Kamei Eri, 20th anniversary Morning Musume 18

tayang di tv tokyo. semoga tambah sukses momusu. kamei eri funny moment.

ERI KAMETAL - Morning Musume

Eri Kamei showing us her guitar habilities in a Metal performance!

Eri Kamei Tribute

Hey, well, I just wanted to do something for her, I know she won't look at this video, but Eri Kamei is one of the persons that ...

Eri Kamei - Never Forget [Fan-Dub] for Eri~~

PLEASE COMMENT, RATE, and SUBSCRIBE NE~~~!!!!! Since Eri is my favorite member in Morning Musume. I had been thinking ...

Kamei Eri - Nakumonka

Kamei Eri singing Nakumonka Live recording from Morning Musume's 6th gen Dinner Show モーニング娘。 亀井 絵里 なくもんか ...

Morning Musume Hawaii FC Tour 2010 - Kamei Eri - Never Forget

Morning Musume Hawaii FC Tour 2010 - Kamei Eri - Never Forget.

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